A vast slope with a maximum running distance of 3.6 km and all 7 courses full of variety

Course information

Course name difficulty Maximum slope Average slope Course length Course introduction Course status today
Forest Trail
BEGINNER 12° 1.2km Long course with a maximum distance of 3.6km! -
Märchen Trail
BEGINNER 12° 2.4km Long course with a maximum distance of 3.6km! -
Woody Trail
INTERMEDIATE 16° 11° 1.2km There is a park where you can glide comfortably on a grooming barn! -
Swing Trail
INTERMEDIATE 28° 10° 2.0km The exhilaration of sliding down a steep 28 ° slope! -
Family Trail
INTERMEDIATE 20° 11° 1.6km Course width 100m or more! Even families can enjoy with confidence! -
Echo Trail
ADVANCED 22° 12° 1.0km Echo course advanced 22°12°1.0km Enjoy fine powder snow near the summit! -
ADVANCED 30° 15° 2.2km Glide dynamically as you want! -

Operation information

Lift name type Course length Operation status today
Sky Cabin 88 seater2,000m-
Sky cabin 66 seater1,700m-
Märchen Quad Lift4 seater1,300m-
Echo Quad Lift4 seater810m-
Woody Pair Lift2 seater360m-
Snow Escalator---