English private lessons

If you would like to take a lesson, please contact us at the email address below. (English only)
* Please contact us at least one week before your desired lesson date.
・2hour : 1person/¥22,500, 2person /¥28,000, 3person /¥33,500
・4hour : 1person/¥28,000, 2person /¥35,000, 3person /¥42,000
《information to be provided via email》
・ name
・ age
・ level
・ desired lesson date
・ number of participants
・ skiing or snowboarding

■Once we are able to make the reservation adjustment on our end, we will send an email with instructions for the online application process.
■In accordance with the application procedure, once you have completed the input and the prepayment, the reservation will be confirmed.


Sports accident insurance

In the event of an accident during the lesson, we will cover the following accident insurance.

Compensation content
Daily outpatient 1,000 yen, hospitalization daily 1,500 yen,
post-mortem disability 2 million yen

* It is recommended that all students take their own accident insurance.

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