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We have one of the most variety ski
and snowboard selection in Hokkaido.
We offer an abundant lineup of
new rental ski and snowboard equipments !

Just bring yourself! Available in different sizes.

If you are a rental customer, we keep your shoes for free at a counter.
* we don't carry a snow scooter.

rental charge

The rental fee for the 2019 season will be announced as soon as it is decided.

providing products

ski (carving ski only)
size(for adult) 135cm, 142cm, 149cm, 156cm, 163cm,
size(for children) 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 110cm,
120cm, 130cm
short ski 120cm
ski boots (front buckle, rear entry)
size(for adult) 22.5cm - 32.5cm
(unit of length: 0.5cm)
size(for children) 16.0cm - 24.0cm
(unit of length: 1cm)
pole (stock)
size(for adult) 100cm - 130cm
(unit of length: 5cm)
size(for children) 70cm, 80cm, 85cm,
90cm, 95cm, 100cm
ski and snowboard clothing
for men sizes SS, S, M, L, O, XO, 2XO, 3XO
for women  sizes S, M, L, O
for children sizes 90cm - 150cm
(unit of length: 10cm)
size(for adult) 130cm, 135cm, 140cm, 145cm, 151cm, 154cm,
158cm, 163cm, 168cm
size(for children) 100cm, 110cm, 120cm
snowboard boots
size(for adult) 23.0cm,
23.5cm - 30.5cm
(unit of length: 1.0cm)
size(for children) 18.0cm, 19.0cm, 20.0cm, 21.0cm, 22.0cm
binding for snowboard
gloves (S/M/L/O)
junior gloves (1 - 3 years old)
junior gloves (3 - 5 years old)
junior gloves (6 - 8 years old)
junior gloves (10 years old)
(free for the customer who wears ski or snowboard clothing)
beanie (for junior)
(free for the customer who wears ski or snowboard clothing)
goggle (for glasses)
goggle (normal type)
goggle (for women)
goggle (for junior)
(free for the customer who wears ski or snowboard clothing)